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Why is OpenTTD Auto Update not Open Source?

I have several spare time projects. Some open source and some closed. When I wrote this program, I chosen to run it as a closed source project. However, given that I don't have much more to add myself but others might want to give a try on improving it further, it could be interesting to release it as open source.

At that time there was a free of charge Delphi compiler available (Turbo Delphi) which is what have been used to write this program. Unfortunately the Turbo Delphi project was discontinued and the current situation is not very nice for hobby projects. Without getting into detail, to legally obtain a compiler to compile OpenTTD Auto Update you need to buy the professional edition of Delphi which cost about 900 Euro. I doubt that many enthuiasts are willing to do that in order to contribute to this project. I do not want to encourage piracy and has for that reason chosen to not release the source code of this project. Its not a situation that I'm satisfied with and have emailed Embarcadero that currently owns Delphi and expressed the need for a solution for non-profit hobby projects. So far I've only received polite answers. So for the moment I just have to hope that I can keep my old computer long enough to keep a development environment that can compile the program in the event that updates are needed.


PS: This program is a separate project that is not connected to the OpenTTD project

PS2: What might happen is that hooks are added to the program to allow people to chain other programs at specified points at the update process to add new features without needing them to modify the main program.